As a kid, I was drawn to the freedom the bicycle provided and my feelings haven’t changed very much in the last 30 years.  I still love the escape, adventure, and fitness that I get from riding.  Life can get a bit crazy, and occasionally you need an outlet. 

I love building things with my hands.  I also love the beauty of the physical world, which guided me through my education resulting in a BS in Physics and a PhD in Chemistry.  Bikes have been a common thread throughout my life, whether it was racing crits, commuting to the lab, or racing all night on singletrack.  Riding a bike can be a liberating feeling.  I appreciate the efficiency, technology, balance, ergonomics, and emotions riding involves.  Building bikes gives me an opportunity to pass on my appreciation for these machines.

I like to keep things simple, with a bit of edge and elegance.  Sometimes that means more work on my end, but if a design element can have more than one function and enhance the appearance of the frame, the extra work is worth it.  I like to reference the past with throwback details, while looking ahead with my own innovations. 

Making something that I love is fulfilling, but making something functional and beautiful that someone else loves, is a dream.  Thanks for stopping by, and don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, orders, comments, suggestions, or chemistry/physics homework problems.

Lee Walker